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Success Center for Learning is the after-school and weekend supplemental center specializing in reading, writing, math, algebra and geometry instruction with study skills and SAT/ACT preparation classes.

Success Center for Learning is an individualized, prescriptive reading, math, algebra and geometry instructional program designed to improve the performance and achievement of students. 


Success Center Adds Homework Hub

Does your child struggle in school?  Does doing homework lead to stress and frustration for the entire family?  Does the lack of organization skills prevent your child from getting assignments turned in on time? Success Center may have the answer for your student!
Homework Hub is the name of a new offering from Success Center.  We realize how busy life can be, and maybe you need a place for your student to receive homework support along with learning good study skills.  Beginning January 8, Success Centerhas up to 3 spots per hour on Monday-Thursday for students to schedule an hour or two of homework support.  To clarify, this is not for high school subjects. Those students need to be scheduled with specific tutors at a 1:1 or 2:1 rate.  Jr. high math may be subject to specific Homework Hub hours or upper-level tutoring like high school students.  The goal of Homework Hub is to teach your child to become a successful student by learning to plan assignments, organize materials, manage time effectively, and complete their homework. Your student’s self-esteem will increase, and the end result will also be a motivated student who will have more academic success in school. 
Here are specifics about how Homework Hub will work:
1)      Parents need to complete Registration and Policies & Procedures paperwork before their child begins.  There is no registration fee, and billing will be at the end of the month.
2)      The cost per hour will depend on how many hours are scheduled during the month.  For 1-4 hours, the cost will be $22 per/hour.  For more than 4 hours per month, the hourly cost will be $18.
3)      Students may be put on a recurring schedule, or parents may call the center as needed.  Although students may be scheduled at the last minute, please note that the best chance for getting your child scheduled on the day-of is to call by 2:00 p.m.
4)      Part of the hour will be spent discussing organization and study skills (there is a form that each student will be required to fill out each session) and then spending time helping the student with homework.  

      Through working with your child in Homework Hub, a homework coach may identify an underlying problem such as reading fluency (rate) and/or comprehension, math processing, or attention issues that must be dealt with first.  We will discuss that information with parents to determine if a reading, math, or TOVA assessment is in order.
So, if your child just needs guidance to complete homework, plan ahead for upcoming assignments, and/or tips for doing better in class, we can offer that, in addition to communication with teachers if the parent wants.  We want to help your child become a better student!  Call today to schedule your child for the Success Center’s Homework Hub!


Success Center April Happenings



Thursday, April 19--National High 5 Day--Give Shannon OR your instructor a High 5 and get a RED Token!


If your child doesn't feel prepared for the Algebra I End of Course Test to be given the first week of May, Success Center's Prep Class will give him or her the confidence needed to do well. Here is information about the class.
Algebra I EOC Prep Class

*Date: May 5 xxxxxTime: 9 am-4 pm
*Location: Success Center for Learning in Paris
*Cost: $115 (if registered by April 27); $125 after April 27
*Minimum of 5 students for class to make

Price includes pizza lunch!



Make up Saturday: April 21





Success Center is looking for part-time instructors and a full-time administrator/instructor.
If interested, please email resume to



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Success Center provides both part-time and full-time career opportunities with competitive salaries and continuous training. If you have the desire to work with students of all ages to improve their academic performance and build confidence in learning, call Success Center today